Things that make you go hmmm

Finding Your True North


Have you ever stopped and pondered in the still of the night where you seem to find the most comfort or feel the most at peace? If you have like I have, in that moment, you are looking deep into your soul and asking a very raw question. In today’s society, we are expected to say we find our peace and most comfort with our families, or at our dream job that we supposedly love so much.


So what happens when, hold your hats, that your ultimate happy place or your true north isn’t one of those things at the deepest, rawest level? That doesn’t mean that your family isn’t an extreme happy place for you, but I am talking about the most happy place in the universe Does that mean that you love your family or dream job that your have worked so hard to achieve less? Absolutely not! Family is the ultimate beautiful blessing we can receive, no doubt! The people in your family circle are each truly a gift that should never be taken advantage of. However, I believe that as we are each unique individuals made of up different levels of wanderlust genes, our happy places…and I mean the very source of the essence of peace, can be found in different situations and places. There is nothing wrong with someone finding rejuvenation and spirit renewal in being alone for a while or being alone for a weekend in the woods…even if they have an amazing spouse or partner and incredible children.


This is me at my rawest level. I ADORE my family and my sons are my life. However, I truly find a restlessness in the core of my spirit that begins to rattle the chains after a few months passing of neglecting that visit. I begin needing to have quiet and recenter the essence of who I am. In today’s world, it is almost impossible to do this while living a “normal” suburban mom life…being a homeschool teacher, shooting coach, maid, farmer, wife, mom of teens, chaperone, shuttle driver, friend, etc. The noise is often times deafening and the only reprieve is to step out of the craziness and breathe in the silence and aloneness offered only by going to my happy place. This place for me is in the middle of the woods alone with my tent, backpack and all that I need to live for a few days carried on my back. The excitement and peace I find in the questions of “Who will I meet?”, “What will I see?”, “Where will I go?” all overtake me. What I find when I return from being at there is that I am renewed, refreshed and energized and ready to take on the world. It is when I neglect this calling of mine that is innate for me, that I begin to not sleep well, find myself frustrated with everything that comes my way, anxious about the daily commitments we undertake and get inpatient with those that I love the most. This is my spirit crying out “Uncle”. What are your signs that your spirit is calling “Uncle”? Do you recognize what they are?


The challenge then is finding the time to be able to go to that happy place and not feeling guilty asking for time for yourself. This is easier said than done when we have a family we are responsible for and responsibility. I can tell you that when we take time for ourselves in this insanely busy world, to nurture our neglected incredibly strong spirits, we tend to return better spouses, partners, sons and daughters, mothers and fathers and friends. Maybe it is going to the gym a few times a week, or talking a nightly walk around your neighborhood…find what is your peace.


So, if you have never laid in a hammock and stared up at the smallest of pine needles with no noise around you but the sounds of the trunks creaking in the wind, it is time my friend. Find where that place is for you and go there…the rewards are immeasurable for you and those around you that you love so much.



Peace & Love Always, Owl


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