Mindfulness & Meditation

Where Are Your Monkeys?

Sit still and breathe for 5 minutes…. doesn’t sound that hard does it? Then why can’t most of us do it every morning, afternoon or evening?

Are the monkeys pulling your thoughts every which way when you try to sit and be still? Do you end up yelling at yourself in frustration because the thoughts and distractions don’t stop coming?

“Your solitude will be a support and a home for you, even in the midst of very unfamiliar circumstances and from it you will find all your paths.” – Rainier Maria Rilke

So we know breathing and even 2-5 minutes of meditating has huge benefits as Mrs. Rilke says above so what is holding you back?

If adding even a few minutes of stillness to your morning routine sounds impossible, then meditation is even more important for you!!! Meditation = calm for the mind and body to recharge and giving you the mental focus you need to step out of bed.

How does being less stressed, less reactive to your circumstances, more grateful, more alert and more content sound? 3-5 minutes of quiet sitting can do this. Of course the longer for some the better and the ability to keep the monkeys away longer will come with practice and discipline.

So, this month, I would like to challenge you to try every day to sit quietly, no radio, tv or intentional noises, anywhere you find solace for 3-5 minutes. If you start thinking of your grocery list, that big meeting you have today or about the argument you had with you daughter last night, just acknowledge the thoughts and then just gently push them away and focus on your breathe again. Don’t get frustrated or stop…when thoughts come recognize them without emotion or attachment and let them go. Think of it as each time you notice a distraction and return to your breathe, you are doing a mental rep like an exercise repetition for you brain. What starts out frustrating is actually increasing your capacity for mindfulness!

Who is willing to try this challenge? It is already September 12th so half way through the month already. If you are willing, I would love it if you would share your experiences with others here in this small safe group. ❤️ The good, the bad and the ugly of your meditation time. Humans are not really meant to sit still for an extended period of time so don’t stress if it isn’t easy. Think of it as your mind is trying to learn how to surf the waves in your mind no matter the conditions and some days will be smoother than others and choppier the other days left. It’s ok. It is a practice. 🙂

Tomorrow is a beautiful new day with 24 new hours ready for you to love them to the fullest…can you devote 3-5 minutes to self care tomorrow?

Let us know how it goes!!!


Excerpts from “The Mindful Day”, by Laurie Cameron

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