VW Bus

My VW Anniversary Gift ~ 2015 ~

It was October 2015, our 19th anniversary and my husband had listened to my heart’s desire. I had always wanted a baby blue VW bus to work on and convert into a camper that we could travel with and camp in along our adventurers across the country. I came home from out of town and this beautiful thing was in our driveway, with my wonderful family standing by it to welcome me home.

I was overcome with joy and tears of excitement streamed down my face. I couldn’t wait to get to work on it and get it built up so we could start using it! A few challenges were revealed quickly though…there was no engine or battery so we would have a lot of work to do on it. It ok, as I am was up for the task.



She was adorable and I already knew my hippie stickers I was going to put on her ASAP! She quickly became known as ‘Mom’s Hippie Bus’, which I agreed with fondly.

Years and season passed quickly and there she sat. Time was scarce, money was itemized for other life events and things everyone needed and every month we would see her starting to rust, even with numerous attempts to keep her covered and protected.


So, with much heartache, the decision was made to let her go to someone that could start revitalizing her and loving her the way I wished I could have. A different season of life and I know I could have. I cried the day she was loaded onto a trailer of a stranger and driven away. I kinda felt like a part of my dream of traveling with something we had created was dying as I knew the chances of getting another one were slim to none. My spirit was mourning that whole week at the empty spot where she sat for so long, almost smiling at me when I left the house each day.


So, what is next for Owl and the family? I don’t know. I would love to gut and build out a Dodge ProMaster or a Dodge Sprinter van but the future is unknown. Brian and I used to talk about doing a Skoolie School Bus conversion but again, not sure if that will happen. It sure is fun to dream though!

Until the next project!!

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