John Muir Trail Thru Hike 2016

John Muir Trail 2016 ~ 7/26/2018

Miles Hiked Thus Far: 51.5;
JMT Mile Marker: 43.1;
Day’s End: Elevation 9,827; 1000 Island Lakes



I keep saying to myself that each day is the hardest day yet and today was the hardest day for sure. I pushed myself too much and got way overheated to the point I almost passed out while going up Island Pass. Too much too soon… I should have stayed at Davis Lakes. But there is a point on passes where you don’t want to stay overnight on the way up and you don’t want to stay too close to the top on the way down so once I started, I was done but had to keep going. It sucked. 2 passes in one day was too much for this Texas girl so early in the game.



I got up at 5:30am and packed up camp quickly. I knew I had Donahue Pass in my path this morning and wanted to get an early start. I started around 6:30am and I am soo glad I did as it was tough in the sense that it was soo rocky and felt like I was climbing the moon. My neuroma and Plantar Fasciitis was screaming and made it pretty miserable.

I saw a bunch of people today which was a fun change from the past day or so. I saw Andy from Asheville again as he decided not to stay on the other side but rather in a  beautiful spot near the top. I also met Heather G at that same lake near the top as she is a solo thru hiker and is also a Ladies of JMT gal so that was fun to see her in the flesh. I never saw her again but it was nice to talk with her. Then I met another gal hiking with her son and husband named. Love when I see women hiking with their kids. 🙂  The view from the top of Donahue was breathtaking as the snow glistened all over as I ascended and as I descended. If this is a taste of the views from the passes that is to come, I am beyond excited.


When I got to the Marie Lakes junction it was just too early to stop again and then I got to David Lakes and actually even turned off the trail to head that way to camp there but after looking at my mileage and map, I decided to turn around and keep going. Ugh. Not a good decision. The other times I kept going, it felt right…this time it did not but something felt off about stopping. But now it is 6:30pm and I am in my tent and resting so that is nice. Don’t feel I need to rush out of here with only 3 miles to Garnet Lake today. Gladys lake tomorrow and then a re-supply at Red Meadows on Friday. Then the real work begins after Red’s. I have been sub 10,000 up to this point…but that all changes after getting a shower and food Red’s.

So, now I am a day ahead of schedule. I am at 1000 island lakes and it is the most beautiful spot soo far. Absolutely amazing! Even though I practically stumbled into camp due to my swollen foot and major foot pain, it sure is a nice place to stay. I was soo dizzy when I got here that I knew I was extremely dehydrated. I almost immediately changed into my swimsuit and went down to the lake to fill up water and cool off as I was not feeling well at all but DANG! That water was soo cold that I could only splash the water onto my legs and arms and even at those places, my skin turned red from the contact with the cold water. Crazy! It took my breathe away as I lay on my back and dipped my head into the water. I ate my Mac and cheese and almonds for dinner and now I am ready for bed in this beautiful and majestic place!




One day at a time…if you look at the schedule ahead, it is frightening…so one day at a time. Praise God as I will continue to go as long as he wants me to go.

What a view from my tent! Pretty pretty pretty.

Goodnight friends!
— Owl

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