Our Van Conversion

11/13/18 – Day #1 Van Conversion – The Beginning

Day #1: Van Conversion ‘The Beginning’


1978 Chevy CamperVan G30
1 ton 350 engine dually

This van was first used as a transportation vehicle for the handicap and used to have a wheelchair lift in it. Then it was bought by a guy that was a DJ and then was sold to its third owner who was also a DJ and he owned it for 27 years. Now it is a member of the Adams clan! 40 year old vehicle and now 4 owners. 🙂

I couldn’t wait to do a few things to it. It is a little overwhelming as there are literally hundreds of things on the task list I have started but there were a few easier, more immediately gratifying tasks I wanted to do ASAP. I only had 1.5 hrs to work on the van today so looked at my list and picked some of the items on it.

Today’s goals:

Pics below show the before views of the targeted area and then after the task was completed. 🙂

1. Remove the passenger bucket seat from frame. The involved removing bolts from the flooring. I climbed underneath holding the nut still while Josh was in the cargo space working the bolts loose. Success! The seat is now free as it wasn’t very practical, even temporarily as there was no seatbelt.

Front view before…


Rear View Before…


Seat removed!!!

2. Temporarily seal the exterior cab extension so if rains again, it won’t leak in. We will cut all the old caulk out later and do it up permanently.
3. Remove the head board from entrance to cab. Then remove the metal bar that is welding to the frame. 

The headboard is gone!

4. Remove one or both of the wood covers bolted into the floor covering the plastic wheel wells.



 Wood covering is now gone. Man, that thing was bolted, screwed and nailed to the floor frame! That was a PITA! Hahaha! Only got one done as the other one has double the amount of nails about 2 inches long into the floor, so will need different tools to work that one loose. Will attack that on Friday.

5. Remove bolts and screws from frame of the metal shelving to prepare to cut the welding next time. Remove the divider board behind the drivers seat.


Board behind drivers seat is now gone. Also, all bolts and screws are out of the metal shelving device so now will just need to cut through the welded spots on Friday to cut it all free.


Yes those are gunshots in the windows below! Don’t worry, those windows will be replaced with much nicer ones with screens so we can open them. A few will be removed, sealed with metal, insulated and covered as I don’t want that many windows in the van.




Today’s Summary:

Only had an hour and half to play today and I call today a success!! I can tell Home Depot, Lowes and Amazon will be all on my wish lists for the next year for Christmas, birthday and anniversary. This van needs a lot of replacements and new parts. Lol!

We are on our way! Thanks for going on this journey with us!

— Owl & hubby 


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