Our Van Conversion

11/24/2018 – Day #7: Journey’s Conversion (Remove the dash board panels; Assess the dash wiring)

Total Work Hours: 3 Hours

Today’s goal:

Pics below show the before views of the targeted area and then after the task was completed. 🙂

Attempt to remove the front dash board and see what the wire setup is. Then make a list of the things that need to be replaced.

The dash before removal. 

So, have you ever jumped into something and then been completely overwhelmed and quickly wonder what the heck you have gotten yourself into? The last time I felt like that was once I started the John Muir Trail in California 2.5 years ago. LOL!

The dash was a doozy to get off. Between removing the crazy ignition switch from the panel to removing the things that the previous owner added like an air horn and extra lights, wires were everywhere….I was completely overwhelmed. Brian was a HUGE help and is responsible for getting the dash out really because there were so many random wires, wires that weren’t attached to anything as well and he helped determine those. Plus he showed me how to test wires to see if they are hot. Always so much to learn!

Here are some of the pics…we finally could see part of the AC system that was left inside even though all the hoses were cut and the main component was removed many years ago.

The front main gauge panel and then the backside.

Below is a slideshow. It won’t show in the blog email that is automatically sent to our followers but come to our blog and it will show all the pictures. 🙂 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Remember I mentioned on our first post that I was going to be real and honest. Well, by the time all was said and done, wires hanging out everywhere and my Amazon wish list keeps growing requiring more and more funds, honestly I wanted to cry. Thankfully we are almost done stripping Journey so the shocks to my heart should slow soon. Thankfully also my husband remains in great spirits and is confident in her revival so that is helping me from just curling up like a baby and suck my thumb. Ha!

I have to continue to remember that we aren’t in a hurry, we will just do what we can as much as we can at a time. On the upside, I am learning so much about engines, transmissions, exhaust headers, fuel injection systems and much more.

With the Thanksgiving break being over now, the next 3 weeks will be busy with other life tasks but hoping to hit it hard when Christmas break begins in about 3 weeks.

Thanks for checking in with us and we all hope you have a wonderful rest of your Thanksgiving holiday weekend with your families and friends! Be safe and thank you for following us on this adventure with Journey! Until tomorrow!

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— Owl, Hubby, Hi-Five and Joshy


2 thoughts on “11/24/2018 – Day #7: Journey’s Conversion (Remove the dash board panels; Assess the dash wiring)”

  1. Oh man it seems like your learning so much….I have learned a lot in over 4 years of vanning but if theres one thing I’ve learned it’s that Vanning Ain’t No Joke! I subscribed! I cant wait to see this thing get revived….you need a sweet paint job! One thing at a time of course!

    1. I am learning a TON! With every panel or section we remove or expose, I learning! 🙂 Yes! Excited at what to do for the paint job. That fun step seems so far away though. 😦 Next step is to get the argon gas and metal and get to welding those holes closed in the floor where the factory screwed about 30 holes into the floor when they put in the subflooring! Crazy!

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