Our Van Conversion

12/19/2018 – Day #10: Journey’s Conversion (Clean, wire wheel the old undercarriage spray off, wash, prime and paint the fuel tank)

Today’s Goals:

Howdy all! This day I didn’t have much time to spend on Journey so my only true goal was to work on cleaning the fuel tank thoroughly and get it ready to prime and paint. I can’t wait to see the beautiful blue I got to put it on it!

I am currently thinking of painting Journey black with this color blue as accents, but of course over the course of the next few months that may change many times. 🙂

Total Work Time: 2.5 hours

Somewhere along the way, one of the owners sprayed the undercarriage with the rubber protective spray which is great to have but man it is a chore to take off to clean it all up. We are going to spray certain parts underneath with the same stuff eventually but for now we need to clean all of the parts to get Journey a complete new body! 🙂

While I was cleaning the tank, I found the original steel stamp which was a cool find! Below are pictures of the steps I did to get the fuel tank ready.


So, the drive shaft has been removed, cleaned and painted on a previous work day and now the fuel tank has been inspected, cleaned and painted.  These parts have been placed securely and now await being reinstalled at a later date. We have more parts to inspect, remove and clean. We are working from the rear under carriage forward. The next step will be to remove the tires and drums to inspect the brakes and brake system to see what we need to replace. Can’t wait!

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Merry Christmas fellow adventurers and vanner family!!!

— Owl & Hubby

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