Planning is half the fun!!

The countdown to the 2019 West Coast Adventure seems to be speeding up and is getting very close….2 weeks close! Have you ever found that planning a trip or an adventure to a new place or doing a new task is half the fun? I LOVE planning our summer trips and typically begin in February or so before each summer to start organizing our routes, our stops and things we want to see! There is something exciting and relaxing about daydreaming about all the mountains we will climb, deep conversations we will have in the car while we drive and the special experiences that will be imprinted on our brains for the rest of our lives.

Do you agree with the statement that the world is simply a reflection of those who live in it? If so, then I believe that travel, expanding your experiences by talking to people that live outside of your normal bubble at home, visiting places that are not found where you reside most of the time can transform our views on life! Our priorities can shift in a positive way by traveling…rediscovering our strengths, our beauty and most of all our spiritual value that tend to get knocked down and belittled during the everyday shuffles and interactions with the being called Life. Imagine if we all felt truly strong, secure in who we are, beautiful inside and out no matter what size or shape we were and felt incredibly valued for who we are…what a different world this would be for us, our families, coworkers and friends! Sounds pretty amazing doesn’t it??

I sincerely hope the boys will look back fondly at the times we have been together seeing such incredible places, meeting different people from all walks of life, trying experiences that might push them a little outside of their comfort zone even.  I also hope that they get it now…what I have tried to show them since they were born and I took them backpacking in my front baby carriers up those mountains….it truly is the journey and not the destinations that are the most impactful so remember to have open hearts to people, forgive others quickly but never forget, and have profound gratitude for everything and everyone that has a part in their lives. That is this mother’s wish…

This summer we have Grand Canyon NP, Las Vegas, Hoover Dam, Reno, Oregon coast, Redwoods NP and the 3 state parks that make that up all along Hwy 101 in California, Muir Woods, San Francisco (Alcatraz of course!), Yosemite NP, Mt. Whitney, Death Valley NP and finally Joshua Tree NP in our sights!

Here are just a few trail and data books that I have used to plan this adventure. It has been epic getting just a small glimpse of what is ahead of us!


If you have any suggestions or feedback on any of these places, post in the comments! The only area I have never been to is the Grand Canyon but the boys haven’t been to any of these places so I am beyond excited to expose them to these new places and show them those beautiful sunrise and sunset views in different ecosystems and everything in between!

Thanks for subscribing and watch for more to come!

“As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world as in being able to remake ourselves.” – Mahatma Gandhi

— Owl

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