Our Van Conversion

6/15/2019 – Day #15: Journey’s Conversion (Wire Wheel Roof, Seal with Protectant, Remove Driver’s Side Rear Window Metal Covering)

Today’s Goals:

How in the world did we not progress on Journey pretty much all spring?? Well, I can tell you….life happened! I am very saddened that we aren’t further along on her but I have to remind myself of what this project is all about…the Journey!!! So, with disappointment and sadness gone, excitement and joy are replaced as she finally got a little attention from me today. Embrace the Journey and meet yourself where are you NOW. No judgement, right?

Total Work Time: 2.5 hours

Here was my process:

2019-06-15 10.32.43

We are about to leave for summer vacation and it has been bothering me for a few months how rusty she is on the roof where the center sheet metal was placed so long ago. We have debated all angles on how to hand this. Inside, she is fine and the metal is strong and clean, but that top…to cut that whole piece of sheet metal out and replace would be not only a huge piece of sheetmetal to work with but very expensive!

So, we decided a while ago that I would need to wire wheel, sand and then welded the pitted spots in the roof and reinforce with stronger metal and now those few spots don’t leak any more.

But, that rust….so I decided to get out there today alone because I just couldn’t, in good spirits, leave for a few weeks knowing that rust was just sitting there causing more deterioration in Journey and also causing me more work in the future. I had to do something.

Below is a picture of what the roof of Journey looked like before and after I wire wheeled a section so you can see what shape she was in on top. The difference was amazing and so it was motivation to keep going.

2019-06-15 10.00.28

With my handy dandy wire wheel in hand and my small pait bucket filled with Corroseal, I got to work on the roof. Much better don’t you think? When I was finished, I had to lay down on the roof and stare at the sky as I began day dreaming and envisioning when we build the platform up top for sleeping and star gazing! I can’t wait!!!

2019-06-15 10.36.18

2019-06-15 10.43.22

Once she was all clean, smooth and all rust remnants in the grooves and seams were removed, it was time to seal her and stop that nasty rust as much as I could until we can rubber seal the roof which will be coming soon. More on that later! 🙂

2019-06-15 15.48.30

2019-06-15 15.48.33

The above 2 pictures are of the roof sealed and coated with Corroseal. If it has bound appropriately, it turns black and so looks like we are good to go! Hopefully that slows the rust down until I get back from our trip.

Then, it felt so good to work on Journey after so long, that I decided to remove the window panel on the left side and see what we were looking at there. I knew there would be rust under those panels for sure but wasn’t sure what else I would find.

2019-06-15 11.28.11

(Before window metal was removed)

2019-06-15 12.00.09

(After window panels were removed! Let there be light!!)

I broke the welds and pulled the panel off. I also knew 2 of the 4 windows are broken, but that doesn’t matter because we are eventually replacing the 2 ones closest to the drivers seat with one large vertical opening 24″ X 48″ tinted lower screened window that we can open to let a cross breeze in when we want to. That window will be right over my kitchen! The back two windows will be removed and sheet metaled in completely as that is where our heads will be when the bed is in place and I don’t want windows at our head.

So now to do research on finding a great new window that will be installed where the 2 windows are towards the front. So fun as I love research for Journey!

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Happy 2019 adventurers and vanner family!!!

— Owl

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