Day #1 – WCA – Roswell, New Mexico (06/23/19)

Day #1 of our West Coast Adventure (WCA) and it did not disappoint!

Total Miles Travelled: 502

Time in car: 8 hours, 3 min

The drive from South Texas toward any direction west many feel is boring and uneventful. I, however, see such beauty is its seemingly barren spaces. The flowers, the rabbits, the snakes crossing the back roads, the open flatlands where you can see the sky meet the horizon! Yes, the heat in July is a bummer…but that is why we are heading west this summer!

Welcome to the Land of Enchantment, my birth state!

I didn’t have any extra special plans for today except to get out of Texas and land in Roswell, NM for the first night along our 31 day adventure.

We have been through Roswell many times but I always seem to get giddy each time we pass it. I love the alien statues nestled throughout the town just waiting to be seen and the cool shops and museums along Main Street to explore with open minds that feature aliens sighting testimonies and such. Are we really alone???

After exploring Main Street, we headed to our first Air B&B reserved. I was excited about this one because the house had 2 bedrooms, 2 twins and 2 queens! So that meant everyone could get their own bed. Plus, the sweet little house was built in 1920 and I sure love my old houses!

When we arrived, we were greeted with such a warm welcome. We pulled into Roswell a little sooner than we planned and so Janet was still just putting on the clean sheets. The house was spotless and so adorable! There is a train that passes by but the air conditioning units help drown out the noise if train noises bother you. Personally, I actually like them as they are calming to me. They are a reminder of Harper’s Ferry, WVA when I stayed at a hostel there for a night along my AT hike. That noise means commerce folks and these little towns sure need it!

If you ever stay in Roswell, please look up Aunt Wawa’s Cozy County Home on Air B&B for a great and comfortable night sleep! There were only 3 of us but you could have easily slept 7 people comfortably there. There was a washing machine, oven, microwave and many other amenities. Plus you get to love on her sweet kitties if that is something you enjoy!

Thank you Janet for a wonderful and restful stop and a great first Air B&B experience!

I was soo excited for the next day that I woke up at 6am and began loading the truck, much to the boys dismay, as they weren’t quite as excited! Ha!

Where did we head next? Why Ramah, NM of course! See details on next post on this cool place! Home to ice caves, volcanoes and Puebloan dwellings.

Thanks for following our adventures. Please leave comments here on your experiences in Roswell or Air B&B’s in Roswell for future travelers to the area! Some friends of mine were actually camping at Bottomless Lakes State Park, about 6 miles from where we were so make sure to check out that place too.

Safe travels and remember, embrace the journey you are on as it is yours and yours alone. No apologies, no excuses, no explanations needed to anyone. Be the best version of you today!


Owl, Hi-Five and Eagle

1 thought on “Day #1 – WCA – Roswell, New Mexico (06/23/19)”

  1. Sounds like a great start to your adventure!
    That AirBnB looks amazingly cozy. I’ve only been through Roswell once and found it to be charming and silly. Such a neat town. Cheers to adventuring!

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