Day #10 – WCA – Reno, NV -> Patricks Point State Park, CA (July 2-3, 2019)

Mileage Driven: 354 miles

Points of Interest: Lassen Volcanic National Park , California COAST!!!!

Funny Laws in California:

  1. In Berkeley, it is illegal to whistle for a lost canary before 7am.
  2. Community leaders in Mountain View, California, have outlawed naming pet fish “names of aggressive content” such as Killer.
  3. It is against the law to play the drums in a park or any other recreational area maintained by Santa Monica.
  4. No homes in Prunedale, California may have two bathtubs installed.

*** You will have to forgive this post and the one tomorrow as there will be more pictures than words as there are just no words needed when a place is as beautiful as this….enjoy and I hope you get to visit this location for yourself. ***

After 10 days traveling and exploring the Southwest in sweet detail, we finally have reached California and are almost to the west coast! I don’t know about anyone else in the truck, but I was getting excited!! What an amazing journey we have had so far and this is phase 2 of the trip in my mind = California coast and the Redwoods. Seeing the sign for the Sierra County Line made my heart skip a beat and made me think of Sierra, my now retired Toyota Tacoma sitting at home missing out on this epic journey. She got us all over the country safely and with no problems so this day I am dedicating to Sierra as we enter Sierra. 🙂


We didn’t get a picture of crossing into California when we entered Death Valley National Park because the boys wanted to wait until it was official so at this point, we got the official picture!


We headed up HWY 395 to HWY 44 and we were about to be in for a real treat! I didn’t plan more than a quick stop and a gander in the visitor center of Lassen Volcano National Park along our trip today and boy was that a mistake! I had no idea of the beauty and miles of trails this park has to offer! Don’t make the same mistake I did and make sure to plan to stop for a day, 2 or 3 to enjoy it.

We could see this massive snow capped peak off in the distance for a quite a while and we didn’t know what it was for the longest time. She is a beauty and I can’t wait to come back to explore more here.



We stopped at the visitors center in the park and I bought all their hiking guides, trail maps and some other goodies on the park so I could plan a trip back and camp in the park once Journey is finished. This is a special gem that I didn’t expect so if you ever are coming towards or from Redding, California, make time to stop at this national park and stay a while. It appears there is a lot to see! Find out more information here:


About 200 miles west of Lassen Volcano NP and a 4 hour drive and 30 miles north of Eureka if you are coming from the south, you will arrive at one of the most beautiful state parks I have ever camped in…





It wasn’t that it was on the coast of the infamous Hwy 101 or even the adorable sea lions we were able to watch for hours trying to rest and sun bathe on the rocks as the tide came in and slowly knocked them off their sanctuaries one by one…it was that the campsites were in the middle of the redwoods….the Abalone campsites were private and temps were in the low 60’s when we arrived late that afternoon. Temps range here in the summer between 40-65 degrees on average! HEAVEN!

Hint: Make sure to make your reservations early as many coastal state parks in this area along Hwy 101 book early for a reason! I made my reservations for this location in March and there were only 2 spots left for July! Find out more about this amazing park here:


Home sweet home for the next 2 nights!




After we got camp set up and things settled, of course we had to hike a little to see the sunset over the coast! The way the light kissed the trees as sunset was approaching was absolutely breathtaking.



Absolutely beautiful once we hiked down a short trail to Rocky Point (literally about 5 minutes from the campsite). We could see Patricks Point, Abalone Point and sea lions from the part of the protrusion we got to explore.

It was fun to watch as the boys immediately began exploring and climbed up and down rocks and headed down to the beach while I just sat and took a much awaited for huge deep breathe of relaxation. We made it! 🙂

They hopped from rock to rock and enjoyed playing with their cameras to get the best pictures of the water swirling, the sea lions and the sun peeking through the rocks. It was a special evening after driving so far to get here.



Can you see them? Look at the sea lions holding onto their last dry spots as the tide was coming in, splashing them. It was funny to watch them get knocked off by a wave, get annoyed and try to get back on but they couldn’t make it. So they would swim over to their buddies and try and knock them off.


This girl absolutely loved this spot…it wasn’t windy, it was a beautiful view of the coast, sons were busy exploring and enjoying themselves after being cooped up in the car and it was cool enough to wear a down jacket….a beautiful slice of adventure heaven.


As we meditated, played and relaxed, it was almost time for the sunset to begin and it did not disappoint. Apparently, we were yet again lucky with the weather as it wasn’t foggy in the least bit (this area and north of here is known for the foggy coastline) and we had a perfect clear view about 12-15 miles out on the horizon. Enjoy the pics from this majestic evening at Patricks Point State Park, Trinidad, California.





Phase 2 of the trip has begun and what a beautiful place to rest our weary heads to prepare for the beauty we would continue to see as we headed to Crescent City, California and the Oregon coast in 2 days!

Thanks for coming along this journey with us.

Happy trails and safe traveling…until next time!!

— Owl, Hi-Five and Eagle

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