Day #13 – WCA – Crescent City, CA & Oregon Coast – Brookings (July 5, 2019)

Mileage Driven: 55 miles

Points of Interest: Battery Point Lighthouse; Brookings, Oregon

Facts about Battery Point Lighthouse, Crescent City, California: (Sooo cool, BTW!)

  1. In 1855, the ship America burned in the harbor of Crescent City. 3 cannons were salvaged from the wreckage and mounted nearby at the northern harbor entrance. This resulted in the naming of the area called Battery Point.
  2. Also in 1855, Congress allowed $15,000 for the construction of a lighthouse to help guide incoming sailors so not to be ravaged by the tides, waves and storms.
  3. Cool fact that Battery Point Lighthouse was lit 10 days before Humboldt Harbor Lighthouse, the last of the original eight to become operational. The fourth order Fresnel lens in the lantern room first illuminated the sky in CS on December 10th, 1856.
  4. The lighthouse is run by a volunteer staff, one of which is allowed to live in the lighthouse for 30 days a time and they are taking applications! This is now on my bucket list as living in a lighthouse would be an experience of a lifetime, don’t you think? Volunteers must run the gift shop and give tours when the lighthouse is open to the public.
  5. Admittance to the lighthouse is only available at low tide when there is an isthmus to cross between the inland and the lighthouse so check the schedule before you head there to purchase your tour tickets to ensure you can reach it! 🙂

After a bunch of traveling, we decided to spend the day around Crescent City exploring the cool town and then heading about 20 miles north into Oregon to see how the coastline changes. I love the Oregon coast and wanted to make sure the boys could see the Goonies style coastline before we head towards San Francisco in 2 days. But first, I booked us a tour of the lighthouse at low tide! The lighthouse parking is located at 577 H StCrescent City, CA 95531-3743. There are no restrooms available at the lighthouse so you must use the public restroom at the lighthouse parking area. Also, no cameras or photographs are allowed to be used or taken while inside the lighthouse as it serves as a private residence still to this day. Entrance is only $5 per adult and $1 per kiddo under the age of 18, a great price for a great tour of history!


This area below will soon be covered with water as the tide should be in by 12:30pm or so. Pretty neat to think we are walking across the only access area to the lighthouse besides taking a boat!


There is the lighthouse in the distance and you can see the road up to it when it is accessible.


So cool! We bought tickets for the 11:00am tour and the it lasts about 30 minutes. They have a small gift shop inside the lighthouse on the first floor that houses the original fourth-order Fresnel lens! It was huge!!


You really had to take your time and look around the property as there were little surprises and art located all around the lighthouse, inside and outside.



After we got to explore the lighthouse and even the tower to see the beautiful view of the coastline, it was time to head back across the isthmus before the tide came in, but we were encouraged to make sure to explore for a minute….the tide pools were full of nature’s glory! Those are some hearty and healthy sea star (formally knowns as starfish)!



As were were about to the parking lot, i looked to my left and caught this beautiful little view hidden between the trees. Such a beautiful part of the county, plus the 60 degree temps in July you just can’t beat!!


All that history learning and lighthouse exploring resulted in us being a little famished, so we stopped at Seaquake Brewing to grab a bite before we headed north. Definitely stop in here if you like tasting and checking out different breweries when you travel. They had great food and their dinner menu seemed to be even more tasty so when we return, we will have to come back to check out dinner! You can read more about SeaQuake Brewery here:


And just like that, unlike Texas, ha, 20 minutes or so in the car and we were in Oregon! 🙂 New state #4 for the boys on this trip! I would have gone all the way to Canada with them, but 31 days I guess is long enough for teens to be away from their friends and “cool” people to hang out with. Ha!


The favorite spot we stopped on this afternoon exploring trip was by far for all three of us Whaleshead Beach. The sand was cool, the breeze was chilly, the waves were crashing loudly and the blue skies were plentiful! Man! What a beautiful beach and like no one was there! It’s free and signs are clear as to where to turn in off Hwy 101 so you won’t miss it.


Introducing the breeching whale! So beautiful and we loved the contrast between the green foliage, blue water and black rocks. Once you park, it is a short walk down to the beach on an easy trail for all.


It was soo windy that it knocked my hat off my head and you can see Josh’s hair is standing up. Ha!


This would be an incredible site during a storm as the spray was shooting up 20 ft in the air today…so I can’t imagine what it would be like when the winds were really high!


And then just as the wind reached it peak, there were moment of pure calmness almost like the ocean was taking a sweet breathe in, relaxing before it let out a hefty sign causing the winds and ocean spray to begin again.


And just like that, it was time to head back to Crescent City and rest a little bit.


Tomorrow we would be hiking some in Jedidiah State Park amongst the Redwoods yet again so we needed a shower, good meal and rest to prepare for the next day of adventure. We again went with our gracious host’s advice and tried a local Mexican place for dinner. It was a small restaurant and very casual but man the food was awesome, just like they said! Check out Perlita’s Authentic Mexican’s website and menu. They are located at 297 US Hwy 101 S, Crescent City, CA 95531.




The boys enjoyed trying the Mexican sodas they had to choose from and dude! They even have Mole sauce so it is winner right there for me! Ha!



We highly recommend trying it when you are in the neighborhood and this is from a Texas gal who knows good Mexican food! It was the cheapest dinner I paid for during our trip thus far for the 3 of us and the food was very enjoyable.

I seriously need to find a job that will pay to travel and explore new places on a regular basis after the boys go to college! Ha! Sounds heavenly, yes? Life is soo short and there is so much greatness out there to experience and explore….

Tomorrow hiking in the Redwoods and then the next day heading south to San Francisco!

Thanks again for coming along this journey with us. Happy trails and safe traveling…until next time!!

— Owl, Hi-Five and Eagle




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